Italophile Short Stories

Candida’s short stories, in the tradition of Daphne du Maurier, touch on crime, murder, mystery and the unpredictable relations between men and woman.

The stories are collected together in Bocconcini – Tasty Morsels, which is available as a Kindle e-book and a Paperback edition via

The short stories are written for lovers of Italy and Italian culture, and especially for hyphenated Italians the world over.


HIGH SEASON: A tourist’s adventurous fling fun in Florence risks turning frightening

LEAVES AND BEANS CAFÉ: An unexpected camaraderie solves two problems for two women

OUT OF THE DARKNESS: A chance encounter in the dark illuminates a difficult decision

STOP-OVER IN ROME: A woman visiting Rome feels a connection with the wrong man

UNDER THE VINE-COVERED ARBOR: An extended family extends its dysfunction to yet another generation

WHILE TEMPING AT THE CARWASH COMPANY: One man, two women, one fetish, three Italophiles

PEOPLE READER: A homeless man and a disillusioned woman join forces for good changing both their lives

PERSONAL INJUSTICE: A murder suspect, the arresting officer, the widow, and the unjust plan

DISAPPEARING, REAPPEARING STAR: A reporter attempts to solve the mystery of a movie star’s movements

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