Venetian Dagger – Women’s Fiction + Psychological Novel

A retired couple visit Venice, Italy, with unexpected consequences.


Book Review:

“This charming story is an armchair visit to Venice that gives mature women renewed hope of second chance love and has a surprising twist to the mystery.”

  Book’s Narrator

“On a knife’s edge, was how I felt.”

Katie and Arthur Thompson begin their retirement travels in Venice, Italy. Nothing goes as planned, putting both of them in danger. Timeless Venice works its magic on the couple in unexpected ways.

Venetian Dagger is a psychological novel about marriage and domestic life as a couple deals with unexpected challenges including crime in the world’s most beautiful city.

The reader walks Venice’s stones with the couple, discovering the good, the bad and the ugly of life in the watery city and in the Thompsons’ own hearts.

Katie Thompson:

“I could feel him melting on the other side of the cabin, the magic of Venice softening his hard New York financier’s shell.”

Arthur Thompson:

“This city is beautiful and unnerving, serene and dangerous. I feel enchanted at times and helpless at other times. I don’t like it.”

Katie Thompson, Italian-American from New Jersey, narrates their story:

“I should have had a presentiment of the horrible things that were to come, when our first experiences in Venice were so unpleasant. Perhaps I did, even though I don’t actually believe in presentiments. I wasn’t really at ease from the moment our plane landed at Venice’s Marco Polo airport to the moment the storm hit. On a knife’s edge, was how I felt.”

No vulgarities, no in-scene sex, no gory violence.  Here is a Google Map with locations from the book, both real and fictional, marked for the reader.

This is a direct link to the book’s page where it is available as a paperback and as a Kindle e-book.